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One Day At A Time

I Am Beginning On This Journey In Recovery On September 29,2003. This Web Site Is My Own Little Way Of Doing Some Step Work. I Have Accepted And Surrendered To The Fact That I Am Powerless Over My Addiction And That My Life Had Become Unmanageable.

Life And This Web Site Are Always Changing, Please Have Patience With Yourself And Me! Includes Material Not Specifically 12-Step. No Endorsement Is Implied Regarding The Contents Of These Pages.Take What You Want And Leave The Rest.

Please Bear With Me As This Web Site Will Be "Under Construction" As Both It And I Grow As My Journey In Recovery Also Grows.I Hope That This Web Page Will Be Of Help To People Just Starting The Journey Into Recovery,And Those In Recovery.

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.::Am I an Addict?::.

If you, or someone you know, has a concern as to the question, "Am I an Addict?", then here are 29 questions written by recovering addicts in Narcotics Anonymous to help determine if you are addicted.

Only you can answer this question. This may not be an easy thing to do. All through our usage, we told ourselves, "I can handle it." Even if this was true in the beginning, it is not so now. The drugs, alcohol, overeating, gambling, sex, work, exercise, etc., handled us. We lived to use and used to live.

Very simply, an addict is a person whose life is controlled by their addiction. Their "drug of choice". Perhaps you admit you have a problem with drugs, but you don't consider yourself an addict. All of us have preconceived ideas about what an addict is. There is nothing shameful about being an addict once you begin to take positive action.

The following questions were written by recovering addicts in Narcotics Anonymous and may be helpful in determining if you are an addict, regardless of your "drug of choice"

  1. Do you ever use alone?
  2. Have you ever substituted one drug for another, thinking that one particular drug was the problem?
  3. Have you ever manipulated or lied to a doctor to obtain prescription drugs?
  4. Have you ever stolen drugs or stolen to obtain drugs?
  5. Do you regularly use a drug when you wake up or when you go to bed?
  6. Have you ever taken one drug to overcome the effects of another?
  7. Do you avoid people and places that do not approve of you using drugs?
  8. Have you ever used a drug without knowing what it was or what it would do for you?
  9. Has your job or school performance ever suffered from the effects of your drug use?
  10. Have you ever been arrested as a result of using drugs?
  11. Have you ever lied about what or how much you use?
  12. Do you put the purchase of drugs ahead of your financial responsibilities?
  13. Have you ever tried to stop or control your using?
  14. Have you ever been in a jail, hospital or drug rehabilitation center because of your using?
  15. Does using interfere with your sleeping or eating?
  16. Does the thought of running out of drugs terrify you?
  17. Do you feel it is impossible for you to live without drugs?
  18. Do you ever question your own sanity?
  19. Is your drug use making life at home unhappy?
  20. Have you ever thought you couldn't fit in or have a good time without drugs?
  21. Have you ever felt defensive, guilty, or ashamed about your using?
  22. Do you think a lot about drugs?
  23. Have you had irrational or indefinable fears?
  24. Has using affected your sexual relationships?
  25. Have you ever taken drugs you didn't prefer?
  26. Have you ever used drugs because of pain or stress?
  27. Have you ever overdosed on any drug?
  28. Do you continue to use despite negative consequences?
  29. Do you think you might have a drug problem?

If your answers to these questions were "Yes" please follow the links to the Narcotics Anonymous Resources.

Narcotics Anonymous is an international, community-based association of recovering drug addicts with more than 28,000 weekly meetings in 113 countries. The links in this site connect to recovery resources that can help you or someone else who needs help to learn more about the 12 Steps of Narcotics Anonymous.

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This website has been created for the addiction recovery community.

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